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Wedding Album & Portrait Album Design Service

Wedding & Portrait Album Design Service

Parker Photography offer a Wedding & Portrait Album design service offering handmade albums from Graphistudio

Did you just get your photographs on a USB?

Regret not having a proper album produced?

Parker Photography can help with our Wedding & Portrait Album Design Service.

In a digital age it is easy to forget that a photograph only becomes a photograph once it’s printed. Many photographers only provide their clients with a USB stick to enable them to print the images taken themselves. So what happens next?

For most they get copied to a computer (at least that makes a copy of them in case the USB gets lost or fails). Some might find there way to a High Street photo lab or at least a photo kiosk. For a few they might make it to an internet produced album.

Having paid so much money for your photography, don’t your photographs deserve to be shown so that you can relive the moment every time you see them?

At Parker Photography we strongly believe that photographs need to be printed and displayed at the highest quality, which is why we work with the leading album producer Graphistudio, and why we offer albums, prints and wall art on all of our wedding and portrait collections.

Graphistudio produce handmade albums, in Italy, using the finest materials and invented the lay flat format on their Original Wedding Book (OWB), now copied by so many other companies. The difference, the bindings on Graphistudio OWB albums are guaranteed for the life of the album*.

* Under normal usage.

How much does it cost?

All Graphistudio albums and wall art are bespoke and tailor made to meet your requirements. As such the price varies depending on the type of album selected, the number of pages included, the materials used and any ennoblements chosen to enhance the album. The end result though is an album that is unique to you; an album to treasure of your magical day, and an album to pass down to future generations.

At Parker Photography we believe that your photographs need to be treasured, whether they were taken by us or someone else, which is why we offer a free consultation for your album design.

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Graphistudio Albums

The Process


Contact us and arrange your free consultation.


Following consultation where album and materials are selected, Parker Photography will produce the album layout design.

Sign Off

When the design is finished you will receive a PDF document of the album design to sign off. Once signed off the album will be passed to the factory for production.


When the album is finished, Parker Photography will arrange a viewing for a collection of your album.

The Albums

At Parker Photography we provide high quality albums that are handmade in Italy by GraphiStudio. The range includes:

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Original Wedding Book

More Information

The Original Wedding Book is the original layflat wedding album that offers the widest choice of materials, papers and covers that enables us to produce an album that is as unique as your wedding. Available in sizes from 20cm x 20cm to 40cm x 50cm

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Young Book

More Information

The Young Book provides a fresh and contemporary design that perfectly encapsulates the fine balance between timeless craftsmanship and modern styling. The album comes in a range of sizes and finishes while the stylish box offers the .MOV option that provides an integrated screen that enables images or videos to be played back.

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GoBook Album

More Information

The GoBook is a groundbreaking product created by Graphistudio that builds on three major concepts: high-quality, versatility and convenience. The GoBook features a layflat continuous binding and two cover options: matte laminated photographic paper or GoColor leatherette. Supplied with the GoBox that stores the album, whilst still displaying it.

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BabyBook Album

More Information

The BabyBook is a beautiful album that utilises the same technology as our other albums so delivering a high-quality, smart and affordable album. Available in four different size the album the “Touch” finishing confers an additional tactile feeling that makes these books a full sensorial experience. The Baby Book comes with its complementary “jewels box”, with “touch” lamination on top and magnetic lock.

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