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Graphistudio Young Book Album

Young Book

The Graphistudio Young Book provides a fresh and up to date concept that encapsulates the fine balance timeless craftsmanship and an interpretation of unexpressed desire.

The Young Book. Modern clean lines, unique elegance.

The Graphistudio Young Book provides an authentic and unconventional elegance, with its simple but sharp lines it creates a modern classic but retains the creativity and craftsmanship for which Graphistudio has become renowned for.

Available in a range of sizes from the compact 20cm x 30cm, through the classic 30cm x 40cm to the majestic top of the range 35cm x 45cm. The choice provides a total of 12 different sizes. The choice of papers is just as wide with photographic and metallic papers available benefitting from state of the art digital laser printing.

The album can be made up of between 30 and 80 pages and from eight different materials offering a unique album, with an equally unique storage box that itself has upgrade options.

Cover options range from photo paper, to hard back finished in natural materials, to the stunning Crystal Glance.

The box plays with your perception using ancestral shapes, that acts like a treasure chest to your album within.
It is more than a place to store your album; it's the start of reliving precious memories. The clean lines, the diversity of materials that cover the outside and inside of the box make it something to be treasured. Ennoblements complete the uniqueness of the Young Book and can be ennobled by colour overprinting and selective raised varnishing, raised foil and laser etching amongst others.

With the .MOV upgrade a 7“ or 10“ screen is mounted into the box lid on which videos and photos can be played. So if you’re having your wedding filmed create a really wow factor by having a digital copy with your wedding album.

Graphistudio Young Book Hardback Book
Graphistudio Young Book

Young Book

Young Book .MOV

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