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Why we use Graphistudio

Graphistudio Albums

A question we get asked often by potential clients is why do we only offer products by Graphistudio? The answer is simple quality.

By quality we don't only mean the products it's a lot more than that. The support and customer service is nothing short of amazing. For those of you that don't know about Graphistudio, they are based in northern Italy, and produce handmade products that are unlike anything that can be purchased on the High Street. They use a wide variety of materials that are available in an even wider range of colours. This allows us photographers to create an album or piece of wall art that is design specifically for our clients.

By using superior materials the products that Graphistudio produce are luxurious, you can literally feel the quality. Graphistudio invented the lay-flat album, their special bindings are guaranteed for the life of the album. The lay-flat technology enables an image to be placed directly over the seam, providing greater flexibility in the design of the album. The choice of papers and laminates further enables us to create a really special way to preserve your memories.

Then we come to the print quality. Graphistudio were the first company outside of Japan to adopt the latest high definition printers from Canon - the DreamLabo. What's so special about this? Not only are the colours brighter than prints on silver halide paper, the longevity of the print is far more durable (300 years against 50 years) and it is more eco friendly as no chemicals are used in the printing process.

Enhance Colour

Modern, professional camera equipment captures so much data that to get the best results that utilises all of that information you need to be able to print on printers that are capable of using it. The Canon DreamLabo is one such printer. Most print labs use what is known as the sRGB colour space to produce photographs from. However, when you print in the sRGB colour space on to silver halide paper you are only using about 70% of it. The DreamLabo not only prints the entire sRGB colour space but also the all of the Adobe RGB colour space as well. The image to the left shows these two colour spaces.

In simple terms what does this mean to our clients? It means that we can get the most out of the digital files we produce to provide them with photographs that are rich in colour and show details that otherwise be lost. The easiest way to think of it is like this; when you walk through a department store selling the latest televisions and you see your stand HD TV, and then you get wowed by the 4K TV next to it, that is what you'll get when you see high quality printed products from Graphistudio.

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