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Graphistudio Wall Art Pro

Wall Art Pro

The elegance of finely crafted wall art, combined with the highest print quality in the world, will transform your wall into an authentic art gallery displaying your most precious memories!

Wall Art Pro delivers beauty with vibrant colours and breathtaking details

Graphistudio Wall Art Pro gives an unprecedented professional choice in home decor, with vibrant colours and breathtaking detail.

Acrylic Pro

Acrylic Pro Wall Art takes the vibrant colours produced by Graphistudio's precise colour management and flawless HD printing of a Fine Art Print and seals it under an ultra-transparent acrylic layer that is available in both a glossy or mat finish. The Acrylic Pro reaches impressive dynamic ranges. The back panel, available in different colours, is made from a rigid monoblock with edges and angles precise to the millimetre. This monoblock provides greater support for the print rather than just having a wooden frame. With the choice of materials and colours the monoblock can be finished to match your decor.

Canvas Pro

The most noble and classic form of artistic printing finds a new look thanks to the Canvas Pro. A thin canvas, soft to the touch without stretch or bounce produces a work of art never seen before. With the warmth of a cotton fabric, the deep saturated colours of Graphistudio's HD printing, and the textile texture that charms at first touch, are all assembled to perfection on a non-deformable planar element. Soft but doesn’t stretch like other products currently on the market. Design and tradition unite to amaze you. This canvas panel is then, like the Acrylic Pro mounted to a rigid monoblock. The result a canvas wall art like none seen before.

Graphistudio Wall Art Pro are available in a range of sizes enabling you to have wall art to match the size of your wall. Smaller units can also be placed on desktops. To make a real statement on your wall combine multiple-sized Wall Art Pro panels to show your memories off to the maximum.

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