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Graphistudio Mega Mats

Graphistudio Mega Mats

Graphistudio Mega Mats bring the art gallery experience directly into your home

Mega Mats - The ultimate form of art in portrait photography

Graphistudio Mega Mats combine accurate printing technology with the quality of hand made archival mats and take your photographs to large format art work that will decor and adapt to any interior design, ready to be framed. Your stunning portraits will proudly tower over anything else!

These large archival certified mats are made of pure cotton paper, with each mat being 3mm in thickness (6mm combined). The state of the art cutting plotter ensures perfection of the bevel cut (45°) and precise mounting procedures make the Mega Mats the most beautiful gallery large print available in the market.

Available in three paper finishes:

  • Lustre Photo paper: the most popular substrate since early days of photography, silver halide paper.
  • Metallic Photo paper: a stunning ultra gloss look and feel to dramatise vivid colours and highlights, silver halide paper.
  • HD Fine Art paper: the highest quality ultra mat substrate for an artistic “museum” finishing. The archival luxury! Ink jet paper.

Graphistudio Mega Mats are available in a range of sizes from 12" x 14" (30.5 x 35.6cm) up to 38" x 53" (96.5 x 134.6cm)!

Parker Photography - Graphistudio Mega Mat Wall Collection
Framed Mega Mat

Mega Mats can also be supplied ready framed

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