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Photograph Restoration Service

Return Your Old Photographs To Their Former Glory

Making old photographs magical once more

At Parker Photography our photograph restoration service helps make those past special moments magical once more.  We all have cherished photographic memories stored away in albums or boxes some of which may not have stood the test of time, but with the photograph restoration service from Parker Photography we aim to make them special once more.

Use the sliders on the images on this page to see before and after photographs of actual photographs we have restored.

Damaged Photography Restoration After
Damaged Photograph Restoration Before
How much does it cost?

The answer is it depends on the amount of damage to photograph, but our prices start from just £15 for up to one hour’s restoration. After that we charge an additional £15 for each hour afterwards, but we will always provide you with a quotation before commencing work. Once completed we will provide you with a Hi-resolution JPEG file and if so desired you can order a printed version from us.

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Colour Cast Removal

A lot of colour photographs from the 1970s and 80s now appear with a colour cast or flat looking colours. As this example shows the cast can be removed and the colour’s brightened.

Faded Photographs

Precious photographs can sometimes fade with age, as well as becoming damage. This example shows how a faded image can be brought back to life.

Marked Images

In this example there was a mark on the bridesmaid on the far right, which had stained the actual photograph. Our restoration was able to provide a new image that was mark free.

The Procedure

Post Photograph

Post us your photograph via registered post*

Scan photograph

Don’t want to send us the photograph, we’ll instruct you how to scan the photograph.


Using the latest software your photograph will be professionally restored


The restored photograph will then be emailed to you, or you can order a new print through our professional photo lab.

*The cost of return postage will be added to order.